Raleigh Bikefest





Rally in Raleigh
Capital City Bikefest

RALLY DATES: September 28th and September 29th, in downtown Raleigh.

Since Raleigh is the capital city of North Carolina, the event is also called Capital City Bikefest or Rally in Raleigh.



The first Raleigh Bikefest began in 2005, and was organized by Ray Price Harley-Davidson. There was a lot of rain that first year, but thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts and people from the Raleigh NC area attended. The event took place at Moore Square, and featured top name entertainers, and at least one celebrity custom bike builder. It was a good time, regardless of the rain. The highlight of the weekend, for BIKERS USA, who are avid biker historians, was meeting Ray Price again. Ray is a wonderful guy who is a legendary Harley drag racer, and it is great to talk about the changes in motorcycle racing throughout the years. I believe Ray’s favorite topic of conversation is nitrous drag racing. Unfortunately, Ray is not racing any more but his racing team is still winning races and setting records.
The city of Raleigh spent millions on rebuilding Fayetteville Street, so, in 2006, the event was billed as being at the new Fayetteville Street Mall. To find Fayetteville Street Mall on a map, go to
GEO and either type in or copy and paste, Fayetteville Street Mall, Raleigh NC.
As of early June, the names of the bands and entertainers performing at the 2007 Raleigh Bikefest have not yet been announced. There is usually a mix of country and rock bands. If you see Ray, tell him thanks for bringing a bikefest to Raleigh!


Note: Raleigh is right in my backyard, so if you see a long haired lady biker with a small BIKERS USA patch, it could be me, so say hi! See you there!


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NC Biker Rights - NC has one of the worst records for biker rights, due to an overly protective and regulatory culture of safety nannies within the state legislature, and an SMRO which has given up on trying to repeal the mandatory NC helmet law. The NC lawmaker views seem to be left over from the slave era. It is little wonder we still have a mandatory helmet law here, because our former SMRO’s idea of fighting changes to the helmet law was to write to the lawmakers and say they like the current helmet law! Strange? You betcha! Our SMRO has become safety advocates as of April of 2007. Unless your idea of a good time is to visit a fascist police state, NC does NOT deserve tourism dollars, but NC Bikers would like you to visit us just the same. Perhaps you can join us for another Helmet Law Protest. Just don’t expect many NC bikers other than me and a few other “radicals” to join you.



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