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Atlantic Beach Bikefest, has become the new name for Myrtle Beach Black Bike Week. Atlantic Beach Bikefest has an interesting history of a love/hate relationship, between bikers and the city or town, as do most motorcycle rallies. The city of Myrtle Beach realizes that money spent by blacks is just as good as money spent by anyone else, but they still do not want to welcome black bikers. (They havenít exactly been friendly to bikers during Myrtle Beach Bike Week lately either). This makes for the black motorcycle rally history to have even more stories of discrimination than other motorcycle rallies.  The city and citizens of Myrtle Beach came to love the millions of dollars which Myrtle Beach Bike Week brought to them in tourism, but they didnít like it when hundreds of African Americans began showing up the following week. The first black bike weeks were held in Atlantic Beach and North Myrtle Beach, which was more welcoming than Myrtle Beach to the south. As the rally grew to hundreds of thousands, the black bikers eventually brought in the NAACP and bring suit to Myrtle Beach. SOme Myrtle Beach businesses actually shut their doors during Myrtle Beach Black Bike Week. Black bikers have done very well in keeping the peace, by having many of their activities be centered in Atlantic Beach, which is much more deserving of the tourism dollars which a few hundred thousand motorcycle riders will generate for the hotels, restaurants, and biker-friendly businesses. (Of course, with that many visitors, many black bikers stay in Myrtle Beach also).

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